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13 Jun
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How to File Nil Return

Step By Step Guide On How to File KRA Nil Returns In the year 2022

Filing Tax Returns is mandatory for all Kenyans who have registered with the Kenya Revenue Authority for a KRA PIN. Whether employed or not, one has to file returns to reflect the same. For those not in employment, they are required to file Nil Returns.

Below are the steps shows how to file Nil Returns with the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Step 1: Visit KRA iTax Portal

Log Into KRA iTax Dashboard

Step 2: Log Into KRA iTax Dashboard

KRA Dashboard

Step 3: Click on Returns tab and select File Nil Return

Select The KRA Nil Return Form

Step 4: Under Type select Self, the PIN field is auto filled and under Tax Obligation select Income Tax - Resident

Fill The Income Tax – Resident Individual Nil e-Return Form.

Step 5: Fill the Return Period From and To which is the previous year from January to December. Then click Submit

Click the Download Returns Receipt for records or references purpose. All the best!

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