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30 Nov
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Start Selling Online post Ad for Free

Start Selling Online post Ad for Free, the new talk in town today is the new classifieds website in Kenya; Sino Soft Classifieds. It’s an upgrade from the former County Online Market. Sino Soft Classified allows one to post ads from any county within Kenya: from any ward in all the forty (47) counties. The website will allow sellers to post their products and services, and also buyers to post ads of products and services that they’d want or need. It’s a marketplace for all and sundry.

The website provides a simple search option to search any item based on keywords or selecting from one of the more than one thousand wards in the country. Searching by location (ward) ensures those in need can get what they need faster because of close proximity to sellers. When searching using keywords, all items that contain the typed in keyword are displayed for review for the user interacting with the website.

NB: Sellers are advised to give their products and services descriptive names and give detailed descriptions of their products and services to improve chances of being found by the different clients that will be visiting the website for the advertised items.

Improved User Panel

The advertiser/user panel functionality is highly improved ensuring one can do much in relation to customization including:

  • The user dashboard
  • The complete list of all your ads (listings)
  • You can edit your profile (except a username that’s picked during registration)
  • Manage ads (listings)
  • Receive and view messages from prospective clients
  • You can bookmark favorite ads (wish list)
  • You can print to pdf
  • See how many times your ad has been viewed and also users can review your item or you as an advertiser

Explore these features by registering here… and if already registered, sign in and start selling.

All users in Kenya have an opportunity to post ads from wherever they are. The website allows ads to be placed from those in towns to those in the villages. Every ad has to contain a location from where it’s posted from. This gives an opportunity for anyone in Kenya to advertise their products and services in an online marketplace that’s accessible to one single market: Kenya. Each post location is dictated by county and ward as per electoral demarcation.

All administrator and email notifications are automatically sent for:

  • All new adverts
  • Expired adverts
  • Abuse notifications
  • Post Ad for Free in Kenya

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