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20 Feb
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How to Make a Vehicle Search in Kenya

With a bulging middle class, life for most Kenyans is dictated by what one has, and most people show their accomplishments in the type of vehicle they have. With mushrooming of car sales yards within the outskirts of Nairobi, a customer is to be cautious before making the decision to make a vehicle purchase decision. Hence, before buying a locally used vehicle in Kenya, it’s advisable to conduct due diligence so as to ensure you’re getting value for your money.

Conducting a vehicle search is a huge part of this process as it enables you to know who the real owner of the vehicle is as well as other details of the vehicle such as the engine and gearbox number, make and model, and much more as it pertains to one particular vehicle.

Well, how does one do a vehicle search in Kenya?

How To Do a Vehicle Search in Kenya

For starters, the process is completely online through the government’s consolidated ecommerce eCitizen website. You’ll need the vehicle registration number or plate number and it will cost you Kshs. 550 to do a motor vehicle search in Kenya.

Step 1. Login to the eCitizen Website

NB:  You can only log in if you’ve already an account within the eCitizen platform, otherwise register using a simple sign up process. After successful registration, log into the national government data base on eCitizen website.

Once you’re logged in scroll down to the agencies section and click on National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) (NEW)  and select as shown below.

Figure 1: The New NTSA System on the eCitizen website

Step 2. Navigate To the Services Section

After you’re logged in on the NTSA dashboard click on the Services tab.

Figure 2: The services section on the NTSA dashboard

Step 3. Apply For Motor Vehicle Copy of Records

Click Apply against the Motor Vehicle Copy of Records Tab.

Figure 3: The Apply for motor vehicle copy of records tab as on the NTSA dashboard

Step 4. Input the Vehicle Information

Enter the vehicle registration number or chassis number and click search.

The bottom mandatory tabs will populate with the vehicle details.

Then click Submit on the bottom right corner to proceed.

Figure 4: Screenshot showing where you provide the vehicle details

Step 5. Make Payment

Select a preferred payment partner and pay the indicated amount.

Note: Do not over/underpay the indicated amount as any amount payable is non-refundable.

Figure 5: The payment section

Once paying amount as stipulated by the government agency, NTSA, click Complete.

Step 6. Download the Records of Motor Vehicle Copy

At this point the motor vehicle search process is complete, you will be presented with an option to download the motor vehicle copy of records as shown below.

Figure 6: Download vehicle search details

From the details of the downloaded document, ascertain the details on the motor vehicle copy of records match with the logbook as well as the vehicle itself by doing a thorough comparison for all the details availed to you. It’s after confirming of the same that can you safely make a purchase of a vehicle in Kenya.

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NB: Some motor vehicle sellers (not individual owners) can offer to do this service request as part of their customer service, while those individuals who have little understanding of how eCitizen platform works, or are on busy schedule, they can get help from cyber café attendants or pay someone to help get the details.

Furthermore, this is a real-time service that enables you to do a motor vehicle search and verification as per the NTSA records as per the latest update on its database of all duly registered vehicles in the country.

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