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22 Feb
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How to Apply for Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

When one buys or sells a vehicle in Kenya, the seller of the vehicle is required to initiate the transfer process as s/he’s the one disposing off their property. This helps in preventing fraudsters from initiating the transfer process without the owner’s consent. Here, we’ll look at how to transfer a logbook of a vehicle during a sale process.


The National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) charges for the transfer to be done and it depends on the cubic centimetres (CC) ratings of the motor vehicle.

The transfer of motor vehicle ownership will take three working days.

The Transfer Process

The transfer process is the change of ownership of a motor vehicle from the current owner (seller) to a new owner (buyer).

According to the NTSA, for a successful process, both seller and buyer must activate their E-Citizens accounts. If either of them doesn’t have an account with eCitizen, they can register online at the portal.

The seller of the vehicle is then required to initiate the transfer process.

The seller is required to log into the E-Citizen account and then select NTSA service portal (New), navigate the Home page and select the specific vehicle you want to transfer.

Figure 1: Dashboard for New NTSA Service on eCitizen

Thereafter, go to the Motor Vehicles Service, select Vehicle Transfer then click Apply.

After that, you will need to upload the original logbook colour (PDF format) then fill in the new owner details and submit to pay for the transfer of ownership.

Finally, go to the Home page, notification tab to Accept the consent notification.

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After the seller has initiated the transfer process, the buyer should log into the E-Citizen account, select NTSA service portal (New), go to the Home page click the notification tab to Accept/Decline the consent notification.

The buyer’s next step is to fill in the required details (click Preview), scroll down and tick the declaration box then click Preview and submit for approval.

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