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17 Aug
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How to Know if a Company is Registered in Kenya

 To check the registration status of a company in Kenya or to confirm if the company is legally registered you can perform due dilligence on the eCitizen portal for a CR12 or official search.

We have other situations where some conmen faking to be the Company CEO's approach you to buy a property from their business only for you to realize way later that you had been conned.

The release of the BRS System by the Company’s registrar is a huge step in the right direction because carrying out a search of a company is obvious and easy.

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The following steps will guide you on how to do it

1. Search for E Citizen on internet and Log in using your login details and then Click on to the Business Registration Service Link
2. Click on Make Application. You will then be redirected to a Page with 11 listed Services. Click on Service Number 10 written Official Search (Third Party Applications) and a pop-up will alert you that the service will cost you KSH 650. Click on Apply Now and you will get on a page named Find a business.
3. Use the Company Name or Company registration Number to Search in the Blank Space Provided. Then the Company you have searched for will show up. Click on the Particular Company Name and then click on Next.
4. Type your Postal Address and Postal Code and Click on Press and Continue
5. Confirm that you have given all the information as required by the Registrar of Companies by tapping on the check box and then click on finish.
6. On the Payment page, Select the payment mode that convinients you and then Pay the KSH 650. Once you have successfully made the payment, Click on Confirm Payment. Once this is complete you will get on a page called Application details and here you can download or save the Form Cr12 and here you will receive all the Company information you need.

Above steps will help you do a successful Company Search.

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