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31 May
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How to Do a Background Check for a Registered Company In Kenya

There are several reasons why one may want to do a background check on a registered company. Here, we’re going to help you on how to do a background check for a registered company in Kenya. Different circumstances can lead one to do a such. These include partnership, buying shares, offering credit/loan, tender pre-qualification or a need to do business with any company within Kenya. You need to know their office location, type of business and importantly, who are its directors.

There have been several cases of fraudulent business deals done that later on lead to losses due to a lack of informed decisions on who one is dealing with. Remember, you are to deal with the company and not individuals hence due diligence is needed to get the right information concerning any entity.

To know if a company is duly registered in Kenya and who are its directors, it’s an easy, do-it-yourself process. Using the Business Registration Service (BRS) System by the Registrar of Companies makes the process straight forward.

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How To Use eCitizen Service for Company Background Check in Kenya

1. Search for eCitizen and Log In using your credentials and then Click on to the Business Name Search Link

2. Click on Make Application. You will then be redirected to a Page with 11 listed Services. Click on Service Number 10, Official Search (Third Party Applications) and a pop will notify you that the service will cost you KSH 650. Click on Apply Now and you will land on a page named Find a Business.

3. Use the Company Name or Company Registration Number to search. Then the company you have searched for will appear. Click to select a company name and then click on Next.

4. Key in your Postal Address and Postal Code and Click on Press and Continue

5. Confirm that you have provided all the information as required by the Registrar of Companies by clicking on the check box and then click on finish.

6. On the Payment page, Choose the payment mode that suites you and then Pay the KSH 650. Once you have successfully made the payment, click on Confirm Payment. Once this is successful you will land on a page called Application Details and here you can download the Form Cr12 containing the searched company details you need.

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