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13 Sep
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12 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya 2024 (with Salaries)

In recent years, Kenyan has seen some of the largest economic booms in Africa. Increase of internet and the urge for connection has an impact in the country. Different sectors have seen significant infrastructure development over the years and are rapidly growing. Due to this, some of the highest-paying jobs in Kenya have now been launched in the labor market.

Whether you are a fresh graduate eager to shine your own path or someone looking to turn on careers and reinvent themselves, below list of the highest paying jobs in Kenya 2023 (with Salaries)

Highest Paying Jobs In Kenya 2024 - Top 12

1. Surgeon

Surgery is one of the most paid jobs in Kenya. Surgeons are skilled medical professionals that carry operations on the human body. They can be general surgeons or specialists in a specific body organ. The profession requires a high level of skill and grace under pressure. Due to this, medical doctors and surgeons in Kenya are among the highest-paid professionals in Kenya and the world. Cardiothoracic Surgeons are paid an average of KSh 20,000,001 yearly. Specialists could earn more.

2. Airline Pilot

Commercial Airline Pilots are highly trained professionals that fly airplanes. They are some of the most in demand both locally and internationally. They pass through intensive training to confirm that they have the appropriate skill set to safely operate an aircraft. Commercial flying can consist of passenger flights as well as cargo and long-haul flying. They can earn up to KSh 5,000,000 yearly on average.

3. Architect

Architecture is known as one of the most profitable professions in the world. They design structures from small homes to large multi-floor buildings. Every public infrastructure project kicks off with architects drawing up plans and designs. They make sure that the client's needs while keeping the project within budget. They are an fundamental part of nation-building and economic growth. They earn KSh 733,913 on a yearly average.

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4. Lawyers

The practice of law is one of the better paying careers in Kenya. Professional lawyers in Kenya are able to carry out their duties in different sectors such as government, private institutions, or private practice. To practice law in Kenya, you have to finish a 4 to 6-year degree from any of the approved and accredited law schools in Kenya plus you have to pass the bar exams to be a certified lawyer. They can earn up to KSh 780,000 a year.

5. Marketing Directors

These are professionals in charge of an organization's entire marketing strategy. They carry ambiguous market research to know what exactly their target customers want. They take special note of market trends and chances to make informed marketing plans. They are also required to lead a team of professionals to effectively carry out their marketing strategies or methods. They can earn up to KSh 4,272,932 a year on average.

6. Chief Executive Officer

Chief executive Officers or CEOs are the highest executives or directors in any organization. They are responsible for achieving a company's goals by creating and implementing sound business decisions. They are also required to ensure that all departments are running efficiently and in line with the interest of the shareholders within the organization. They are among the top paying jobs in Kenya with an average of up to KSh 4,200,000 yearly. No wonder this makes it one of the most best paying jobs in Kenya today.

7. University Lecturer

The academic is one of the biggest and oldest institutions on the planet. Lecturers and professors are expected to teach learners attending various universities. They are also required to do research work to further advance their field of study. They are at times offered scholarships and grants to further their education or continue their research. In Kenya, lecturers are paid an average yearly salary of KSh 1,200,000.

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8. Information Technology Officer

Information technology officers are multi-talented professionals. In small organizations, they are required to carry out diffennt duties. They work as office support assistants, network administrators, and tech support among others. In bigger organizations, they can operate in a more specialized role. It is a highly paid entry-level career with an average of KSh 748,651 a year.

9. Software Engineer

Software Engineering is yet another great technology career. Unlike IT officers, software engineers pays special attention to software design and development. They develop and maintain custom software solutions for a company's various needs. They can either be internal developers, exclusive to their organization, or external, providing services to the company's clients. They earn a yearly average of KSh 1,202,133.

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10. Bank Manager

Finance and Banking are great industries to get into in Kenya. It is one of the most profitable industries in the country. Banking managers are professionals that are responsible for a bank's daily activities. They are expected to operate the bank efficiently through sound decision-making. They are also responsible for managing the employees and supervising important aspects like security and customer experience. On average, they earn KSh 2,048,785 yearly.

11. Actuary

Risk assessment and management are important in any business. For companies, taking risks is key for growth. But reckless risk-taking can be problematic if not done correctly. Actuaries are experts that deals with risk and risk management. They are skilled at understanding risks, weighing their pros and cons, and curbing their results. They provide worth and actionable insights for organizations. They are known to earn an average yearly salary of KSh 2,342,196.

12. Accountants

Effective management of funds is essential in any organization. Accountants are among of the key professionals in making sure that finances are handled effectively. They are taught in assessing cash flows, noting inefficiencies, and identifying any unusual expenditures in the system. They are thorough and meticulous which helps them smoothly carry out their duties. This could also be a foundation to landing a Chief Financial Officer role in the future for a certain organization. In Kenya, they earn an average salary of KSh 486,167 a year.

Credit: Nexford University

N/B. The above data is based on average of the lowest to the highest and not the actual Yearly stipend.

Did we miss out on any Job? Feel free to add on the comment section.

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