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20 Sep
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How to Avoid Scamming Websites Especially When You Receive Letters of Offer.

For many years, there have been numerous scamming websites and links tending to scam innocent job seekers together with other members of the public . Here, we'll try to highlight ways on how to avoid scamming websites, especially those that send letters of offer. Much has been done but still people tend to fall for these dangerous pits. Some have even gone to an extent of auctioning their personal belongings in order to pay for the fake offers advertised. Later, after sending the fees, communication ends and they are left devastated and with nothing to do. Stress, depressions, mental diseases and even death has been experienced in so many parts of the world due to the losses incurred after sending all their credentials to the online fraudsters.

Today, there is various measures to take even before taking a single step of communicating with the scammers through the email after receiving a letter of offer. We shall list all the steps to take once you receive any offer messages and emails or any other social handles. The scammers are very professional and they communicate like any other skilled experts in the hiring departments of a particular organization.

To distinguish between the true employers and fake employers, you should the following steps just before engaging them in whatever reasons:

Steps to Take to Verify the Authenticity of a Particular Job Offer.
  • Take note of the Name of the Organization and the email address in your Email Inbox or Spam Folder. As you know every business has a registered name which they use to carry out their business functions. An email address is another important tool for every business. It's always advisable to check the email address and do a cross-check carefully with what is contained in that letter of offer.
  • Use Search Engine such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo or any other browser-based search engine. This point is mostly ignored by many job seekers as excitement takes control and thus not checking at all. It is advisable once you receive that employment letter of offer, take your time, take a deep breath and seek assistance as soon as possible. First thing to do is use your mobile device and make sure its connected to internet and just type the same name as it appears in your email and check the results the browser would bring. Please follow the following browsing techniques with the screenshots showing the steps:
    • How to Carry Out Google Search. Open your device browser, click on search textbox, enter the name of the hiring company, click on search button. Now its time to check for results which takes just few seconds to load. Click on the official links but not ads links which basically appears first before the actual official links.
  • How to get the required information in the Google search.

At this point, its advisable to look for a genuine link to get information about a particular organization. The following screenshot shows how to get the exact link to follow.

It’s always recommended to check for the link containing that particular organization name. It is a requirement for a company to have a business website and thus the link should be available. If its not available it is advisable to make a follow up from people to know if the company really exists. This can also be achieved using the Google maps which indicates a particular location of a business.

Once you verify everything is alright, undertake the following steps. This step only reached out when you understand and verify that these are genuine job hiring teams but not scammers purporting to be professionals. Since you are communicating with professionals, it is always advisable to take every statement serious and nothing is left unclear. It is much healthier to ask questions when you don't understand a particular phrase.

Please read the following step by step guides and understand what to do when a letter of offer is received.

  • Use of Domain Lookup Websites to check the validity of that particular email or the name of the organization. It is important to take this point as a N/B, As it is very vital and it impacts the applicant with the appropriate information regarding to the genuineness of an offer. If a domain name was created recently and the company has been there for a longer period, then it is worthy to consider that as a scam. It is also good to carry out a company history search and understand when it was established. The following is a list of all the 3 best lookup website you can trust and they are free to use. They only require information you need to know more about. Basically, they need a website name or domain name and the email address which you received the email with.

These links will assist you in getting to know how old a domain is and other important information. Now lets use one link e.g. Who.is and see how it works and which details to look for.

Step by Step Guide When You Receive a Genuine Job Offer Email.
  • Check your emails history to confirm you applied for that post. So many job seekers never confirm from their emails if the truly applied for that post the email is directing them to reply to. Its always good to be pretty sure and now take the next step. To search more quickly and efficiently in your many emails, its good to utilize the search tool on your Gmail dashboard and this will help to retrieve all information relating to that particular organization. A sample image showing how to search while in your email dashboard.
  • Read the email carefully and understand if that's what you stated when applying. This step is only accessed once all is approved from your email history. If you haven't applied for such a job, its always advisable to ignore the email. Many job applicants never take their time to read and understand all the details word by word and sentence by sentence. Once you read more than once, you tend to contrast your previous application requirements and whatever is written on the email. If by chance, you get a contradictory message or information, its better to note down somewhere for referencing purposes. This stage is much crucial as it is the best determinant whether you will reply to the email or not. N/B Note all the keywords such as terms and conditions of work or any vital information involving You and the Employee.
  • Reply to an email asking Questions in regard to what you don't understand. Once you are satisfied that the email is worth replying, its best to start a conversation in a professional and courteous manner bearing the name of the sender of that particular email. Salutation is a must with reference to respectful titles and basically modern emails has a signature at the end of the message bearing the name and the position of that particular person emailing you. This platform gives you the best chance to ask any question into regard to that particular job offer. You should also need to practice patience virtues as the emails may some time to be replied to. Emails are meant to be replied to and therefore if by any chance an email is not responded to, you can use the official contacts number to reach them out. Maximum of 2 missed calls are enough if a call is not responded to for any valid reason. It is always advisable to maintain a high degree of etiquette and communication maturity. Once each concept is clear and well understood by the both parties, its good to carry on with the next step you may be required by the organization.
  • Do a Follow up at a Designated Pace through an official email address. Any job follow up is done once a deadline date is achieved and no message is sent to you as it is in your agreement with the organization. When composing a follow up message its good to be courteous at all cost and also reference the receiver to a particular email bearing the message you are following up. Maintain a good flow of your emails between you and your genuine employer.
  • Keep track of all the instructions given till you officially enrolled for the job duties. At this particular point, it is always advisable to take note of all the requirements you need as you plan to start the new role. Understand all the documents requested and send them within the given time. Don't try to send requirements you are not clear if they are needed, instead seek assistance from the hiring company.
  • Don't bribe or send any fee to anyone in the name of speedy acquisition of documents. Due to the pressure in the email instructions, many applicants finds it difficult to get some of the government documents e.g. Good Conduct Certificate, Credit Reference Bureau Certificate, HELB Clearance Certificate, KRA Certificate etc. In these case, the person involved in bribing will always get a speedy service but note that the documents might not be legal and thus once presented to the hiring team, it may be subject to criminal offence and thus arraigned to a court of law.
  • Dress neatly and arrive 30 Mins earlier during the provided appointment date. This is the time to present the whole you. Let all the virtues you wrote in your application talk more as that's where shall be referenced through your actions. Be respectful to anyone you find in the organization and always say sorry when a mistake is done & thank you when a service is rendered to you. Present yourself well and above all dedicate all to God and let Him take control. Some make a mistake of not preparing adequately and thus failing to answer simple questions relating to the job post.

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