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09 Apr
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Cost of Setting Up a Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool within any property adds overvalue to it. However, not many people have or consider having swimming pools in their homes due to different limiting factors like space, need, cost and due to cultural differences. But for those who see a swimming pool as a necessity and have plans of owning one, they always want to know the cost of setting up a swimming pool in Kenya?

As general knowledge, as much as one concentrate on the initial cost of setting up a swimming pool, other future costs that should be considered include the ongoing maintenance and operation costs. The type of swimming pool (above or in-ground) and other features like a waterfall, diving boards, slides, spa, lagoon-style layouts or heating can raise to cost astronomically fast. Also, for safety, one can opt for a pool enclosure, a fence with a lockable gate. This makes the overall cost a significant investment.

NB: The overall cost of setting up a swimming pool shouldn’t just consider the construction phase only but include all future maintenance costs.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Setting Up a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is considered a luxury requirement in most homes in Kenya. For those who are eager to build their own swimming pools in their homes, let’s consider what factors will dictate the overall cost of setting up your pool.

A. Size

Without a doubt, the size of any structure dictates the overall cost. The size affects duration of the civil works, materials used and the labour needed to complete the project. Comparison in sizes of M2 of ground space. Large swimming pools means more construction costs are these are proportional to the size which affects the excavation process, labour, time and general pool equipment and material usage.

Other secondary inclusions like tiles, decking and lighting will increase the overall cost. Then again, a large pool increases property value, accommodates more swimmers and offers greater entertainment value.

B. Design

Even with houses, depending on the design layout, costs can vary significantly. A more complex and intricate design will require more time, effort and resources to execute the design as envisioned. The overall design can be affected by shape, size, depth and other features like waterfalls or slides. Additionally, materials used for the design such as tiles, decking, and lighting can add up to cost increase.

An elaborate design may be expensive but it can significantly add overall value and beauty as it enhances the outdoor living space, hence can be a worthwhile investment.

A Unique Swimming Pool Design

C. Type

The different types of swimming pools are classified based on the materials used. This can be concrete, vinyl or fiberglass, with each having its unique features and benefits for the home owner to consider when deciding to have a swimming pool.

Concrete pools last longer and have a wide range of customization options, hence are the most popular with home owners but they can also be expensive due to the construction process. Vinyl pools are more affordable but they don’t offer any customization options and they require periodic liner replacements which to the overall pool budget and future maintenance costs. Fiberglass pools are popular due to their lower maintenance requirements and relatively fast to install, but they are limited in size and design options.

D. Materials Used

The materials used when constructing a swimming pool can differentiate quality work. High quality materials such as top-grade tiles, pumps, and filtration systems, may initially be costly but require less maintenance and last longer.

Additionally, the type of pool finish, either tile or plaster can also impact the cost. Materials like glass or natural stone may add an aesthetic appeal to the pool, but they are expensive. Other materials to consider are pumps, heaters and lighting, with each being affected in price by their quality. Some pools with unique feature may require special/specific materials.

By choosing high-quality materials means less maintenance costs as their quality is guaranteed to last for longer.

E. Intended Use

Even with the same size, a swimming pool for a home owner and that of a hotel will not cost the same. A public facility swimming pool like a school or sports facility will also be different. This all comes down to the specific requirements needed to be fulfilled in each to meet its intended use. This means even the features available will be different.

F. Ground Level

The suitability of the site ground or space to occupy must be considered. Naturally, poor soils, sloppy gradients, rocky or those with tree stumps and roots spreading over the pool are factors that increase the overall cost. These ground level factors increase cost as more effort, excavation and elevation is needed to make them suitable for use.

G. Addons and Special Features

The inclusion of add-ons and special features can significantly increase the overall cost of setting up a swimming pool. Elements such as unique and sophisticated designs, covers, changing rooms, and heaters add onto cost. Special features such as waterfalls, heaters, slides, and lighting can contribute to a significant rise in cost. Most of these add-ons and features are there to enhance the experience of using the pool and are more aesthetic than necessary but they overall make for a unique experience and can add value to the property.

H. Above-ground or On-ground Level Pools

On-ground pools are expensive because of the excavation, landscaping and other safety measures that need to be taken to avoid falling into the pool and resulting danger of drowning. The process of excavating and leveling the ground around the pool area adds to the overall pool construction cost. On-ground pools offer a more aesthetically appealing appearance and can blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

An Above Ground Swimming Pool

In contrast, above-ground pools are generally more affordable as they don’t require much excavation or landscaping. The fact that they are above ground can be an eyesore.

Regardless of the choice made, a swimming pool can be a valuable addition to any property, providing an enjoyable and luxurious space for relaxation and recreation.

Cost Estimation of a Swimming Pool

Research from different pool specialists bring an average of setting up a swimming pool to the figures quoted below. The cost may vary from one contractor to another. The prices are not inclusive of any add-ons or special features but overall setup, construction, labour and materials.

Size in Meters Cost in Kshs
4 Meters * 8 Meters1,800,000
10 Meters * 5 Meters2,000,000
12 Meters * 6 Meters2,400,000
15 Meters * 7.5 Meters3,300,000
18 Meters * 9 Meters4,800,000
20 Meters * 10 Meters6,100,000
25 Meters * 12.5 Meters10,100,000
50 Meters * 25 Meters21,000,000
Table 1: Estimated Cost of Setting Up a Swimming Pool


The above costs and other charges can either be lower or higher. It all depends on the work to be done, the contractor and other features outside a normal pool that you want to have on your swimming pool. Ensure you have the best quality pool to ensure water quality, durability and over experience.

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    This is a very great article. Swimming pools are my stress reliever and it helps me relax. That is why I planned to start building my own swimming pool in our backyard. Thanks to https://queenslandfamilypools.com.au/. They help from planning it up to the construction. Hopefully to finish it before summer.

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