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26 May
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Can Anyone Register a .CO.KE Domain?

Can anyone register a .CO.KE domain? Am I Eligible to buy a .co.ke domain name? Yes, if you have the following:

a) Desired domain name

b) Name and contact information (E-mail and Physical Address)

c) Desired registration term

d) Amount or fee to acquire the domain name

e) A Kenyan certified domain registrar

What do I need a domain name for?

You need a domain name as an online address for your business or services offered.

Who wouldn’t you want an address that clearly states where you are and what services you offer?

.CO.KE, the second level domain for Kenya and this domain is the perfect choice for those wanting to pursue business in Kenya or for Kenyan based businesses.

With a .CO.KE, you can create a Kenyan-friendly online brand with a truly Kenyan Web-Address, allowing you to tap into the diverse and growing economy of Kenya because the future is Online!

A .CO.KE Assists you to successfully launch and run your own business venture online!

By choosing a .CO.KE you are selecting an online destination for your business or brand, creating a credible website that will be easily visible to your customers.

If you are looking to expand or create your business in Kenya, register the Kenyan version of your brand with a .CO.KE to prevent any other person or organization from registering it.

Register your .CO.KE today and establish your Kenyan digital space.

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