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06 Jan
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Advantages of .co.ke domain in Kenya

The .co.ke domain is the most popular of all domain name extensions offered by KeNIC (Kenya Network Information Center), the institution that operates Kenya’s country code Top Level Domain Registry.  Dot co.ke account for 90% of all domains provided by KeNIC, distantly followed by .or.ke at 2.54% and .ke (A second level domain) at 2.4%.

The popularity of this domain extension in Kenya is based on the merits that it gives local businesses & organizations operating in Kenya.

The merits comprises of:

  1. The .co.ke extension gives an entity, business / organization identity as 100% Kenyan. Being a Kenya-based industry leading in technological services, having a Kenyan image is something worthy, and choosing a .co.ke or a .ke domain name gives you this Kenyan identity.
  2. .co.ke domain is safe, secure and trusted, having been in function in Kenya for many years. It is run by Kenya Network Information Center (KeNIC), a branch of the Communication Authority (CA) of Kenya.
  3. Using a .co.ke domain helps you be visible by Kenyans accessing the internet. This is important since every website has a target multitude, and for businesses and organizations in Kenya, they need to extremely get Kenyans who are online.
  4. Selecting a .co.ke domain enables you get the exact web address. This one major merit which other extensions lack, since almost every domain name has already been taken. This ensures that there is probability of getting a domain name of your choice, which can be short, creative and matching your brand name.
  5. We have highly experienced domain registrars, such as Sino Soft Limited, which offers reliable 24/7 support services.

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    John Mulembe

    Thank you for this, looking forward to getting a Co. Ke domain from Sino Soft

  • author
    Sino Soft Classifieds

    Most welcome John Mulembe, looking forward to bring you on board

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